Case Fans

Case Fans


Gembird 40 mm Sleeve Bearing Cooling Fan 12V D40SM-12A

Durable sleeve bearing cooling fan Connector type: 3 Pins Speed up to 5000 RPM Super-silent..


Gembird 50x50x10mm DC fan sleeve bearing 12V 250mm wire D50BM-12AS

Extra durable ball bearing cooling fan Connector type: 3 Pins Cable length: 250 mm Spee..


Gembird 40x40x10mm ball bearing DC fan 12V 70mm cable D40BM-12A

Extra durable ball bearing cooling fan Connector type: 3 Pins Speed up to 4000 RPM Super-sile..


Gembird 60x60x15 mm sleeve bearing cooling fan D6015SM-3

A better airflow inside your system increases its stability. Keep your equipment cool and prevent it..


Connectland 6x6x1.2cm COOLING FAN VEN-B-6x6

Current/Power input: 0.10A / 1.20W Rated voltage: 12V DC Hydro Bearing.Fan air flow: 12CFM ..


Arctic F8 Silent Case acc Fan 8cm ACFAN00025A

  "ARCTIC fans are able to cool the system more quietly than the stock fans which aren&..


Akasa 60x60x10mm Classic Black Fan DFC601012H

Dimension  60 x 60 x 10mm Fan speed  5000 RPM Airflow  23.61 CFM ( 40.0m3/h) ..


Spire Ανεμηστhρας 50X50X15 Sleeve Bear. 12V

Bearing Sleeve Bearing - Fan Dimensions 50 x 50 x 15mm - Noise Level 29.7 dBA - Connections : 3pin m..


Spire Ανεμιστήρας 80x80x25 Sleeve Bearing 12V 3 Pin SP08025S1L3

Bearing : Sleeve bearing - Connectors : 3 Pin - Noise Level : 19.0 dBA - Dimensions : 80 x 80 x 25mm..


Arctic Cooling F8 TC Case fan 80 mm AFACO-080T0-GBA01

Fan Diameter     80 mm Fan Bearing     Fluid dynamic bearing Rotat..


Spire Ανεμηστhρας 90X9Οx25 Sleeve Bear. 12V 3P.

Good ventilation is mandatory for every hot electronic device. Not to mention the enhanced performan..


Arctic F8 Pro Case fan 80 mm AFACO-080P0-GBA01

Description The ARCTIC F8 Pro is exceptionally quiet and cost-effective...


Spire Ανεμηστhρας 60X60X15 Ball Bear. 12V

Bearing : Sleeve bearing - Connectors : 3 Pin - Noise Level : 27.5 dBA - Dimensions : 60 x 60 x 15mm..


Arctic Cooling F9 Silent 92 x 92 x 25 mm 1000 RPM ACFAN00026A

More efficiency - less noise at higher things airflow At low fan speed, the engine noise sign..


ARCTIC F12 Silent Case fan 120 mm ACFAN00027A

Package Content  4 screws Width 12 cm Depth 2.5 cm Height 12 cm Weight 107 g ..


Spire Ανεμηστhρας 120X120X25 Sleeve Bear. 12V 3P

Bearing Sleeve Bearing - Connectors 3Pin & 4Pin - Fan Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25mm - Noise Level 21.0..


TITAN 12x12x25mm z bearing RED LEDs TFD-12025GT12Z/LD4

Ανεμιστήρας από την TITAN με μέγεθος 120MM και Κόκκινο 3πλο led Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά: Στροφές: 8..


Ανεμηστhρας 120X120X25. 12V 4P Blue Led

The all new Air Force LED fan series are high quality, LED colored and silent cooling fans for the P..


ARCTIC BioniX F120 Case fan 120 mm red ACFAN00092A

General Product Type Case fan Package Content 4 x screws Width 12 cm Depth 12 cm..